Elizabeth has changed my life. I am 59 years old with some extra pounds. I have lower back pain, and very tight calves, which are due to injuries when I was younger. I also have Type 2 Diabetes. My Doctor recommended I start a workout routine. I started training with Elizabeth twice a week using movement, stretches and yoga.
Now my lower back pain is all but nonexistent, and my calves now feel normal for the first time in many years.
I have lost weight and my blood sugar has been well controlled.
We train twice a week and it is such a pleasure to have a nice, patient person helping me with my goals. I feel energized after the workout and stretching session.
With Elizabeth is not just about the work out, it is about my physical and mental well-being.
— -Michael, Windemere, FL 2018
Elizabeth was a great trainer and I highly recommend her. We meet twice a week and I definitely noticed change in my measurements. She focuses a lot on using body weight to train rather than the machines which is great!
— Stephanie, 2016
Over the past ten years, I’ve gone through a number of personal trainers and I can honestly say that Elizabeth has been my favorite! She’s pushed me to recognize the muscles I’m using while working out. And, she’s taught me to work out using just my body; machines are not required! All in all, I highly recommend Elizabeth because she is knowledgeable, passionate, personable and, overall, a terrific trainer!
— Marisa, 2016
I really enjoyed working with Elizabeth. She was patient and developed fun and challenging routines that jump started my weight loss goals and put me on the path to regular exercise.
— Anonymous, 2016
Thank you for making my first workout session one that I want to have twice a week now! Thank You Elizabeth!!
— MMK, 2015
Elizabeth is one of the most well rounded trainers I’ve worked with. She is always on time, has workouts planned that challenge me but also work with my goals and capabilities. She also stays very focused and keeps me going throughout the sessions. Highly recommend her as a serious trainer!
— Alexa, 2015
Elizabeth is a great trainer, extremely knowledgeable and well organized. She put together (and continuously adapted) an exercise routine based on both my fitness goals and my (constantly changing) injuries. There was clearly a lot of preparation, thought, and expertise put into each workout.
I highly recommend her not just as a one-on-one trainer, but I also suspect she would be excellent in applying her skills more broadly to design or evaluate a fitness program.
— Michael, 2014