What to expect from each session:



Setting Goals

Warm Up

Warm Up

Centering and
Focusing on Breath

Challenging flexibility, balance and strength

Complete Body Workout


Core and Muscle Strengthening | Endurance, flexibility, and sport specific Training | prevention and care of injury | nutrition

 yoga | Wellness | Mindfulness | Breath Work

Sweating for the wedding?

t's not ALL about fitting in your dress or tux. It's also about the exercise high, getting comfortable, and de-stressing. It's about planning - goal setting and tracking, workouts, tips and tricks for healthy eating, all tailored to your daily lifestyle and the wedding date. Contact me for further information or setting up an appointment. 

Pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant?

It’s never too healthy to prepare for pregnancy. The number one concern is the health of the baby. It doesn’t matter if you are a current exerciser or are brand new to the game. We’ll start where you are and move on from there, to help you through a safe pregnancy for you and your baby. Being healthy during pregnancy can prepare you and your child for a healthy life. Contact me for further information or setting up an appointment. 

Interested in your body fat measurements?

Skinfold measurements is a common method in determining body fat percentage. We'll take your measurements and compare them to other people of a similar age and gender. It's important to note that it's not the best indicator of body fat percentage, however it is a way to estimate health based on the measurements and comparisons. Contact me for further information or setting up an appointment.