1:1 Personal Training, Yoga, Wellness Guidance

Elizabeth creates adaptable programming based on constantly changing goals and situations. It’s about more than weight loss - instead, changes in body composition and emotional and physical well-being. Learn to breathe through stressful situations, improving productivity and daily interactions. Increase your energy, strength and flexibility. Connect with your body and use it to prevent injury and manage chronic pain and illness. Live your life to its fullest.

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Special Events

Visiting Orlando and want in-hotel yoga instruction?
Hosting a party or conference and looking for a group yoga instructor?
Want to go on retreat?

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30 Day Intensive

Reconnect with your Self and tune-in to your Body. Learn how digestion, balance, and circulation affect your physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Receive daily information straight to your inbox, with one-on-one support and unlimited email access and resources.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Elizabeth meets with key staff to discuss concerns, the ideal wellness program, and desired outcomes. Programs are designed based on information gathered from employees, company owners, office design, national scientific research and implemented incrementally, based on the needs of the company and its employees. The program is continuously evaluated based on short-and-long terms goals of employer and employees. For example: employee engagement, sick days, cost of health insurance, and changes in employee’s work productivity, body composition, and stress and anxiety levels.

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