Health Planning

During this meeting, we'll discuss daily lifestyle wellness habits, including physical activity, work-life, nutrition, and sleep habits. You will be given homework after each session to practice techniques in your daily life. These sessions are meant to be repeated. One consultation required. One hour.

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Core Strengthening, Muscle Strengthening, Endurance Training, Flexibility Training, Sport Specific Training, Wellness, Nutrition, Prevention and Care of Injury, Adjustments, Yoga, Mindfulness, Breath Work 


Setting Goals

Warm Up

Warm Up

Centering and
Focusing on Breath

Challenging flexibility, balance and strength

Complete Body Workout

Despite the type of yoga or the type of training, the type of injury or the area of focus, there is always a focus on strengthening core muscles in addition to all areas of the body, followed by a cool down and relaxation techniques to get you through the rest of your day.