Unselfish self-care - is there such a thing?

If you’ve been following me on social media or read any of my recent blog posts, you know I’m trying to get back into a self-care routine. It’s been a struggle – and I’m not just talking about making the perfect matcha latte. Mostly, being able to care for myself while helping my personal training and yoga clients and caring for my niece and nephew…and not feeling selfish.

This week I planned some me time into my schedule for a haircut (pictures to come). I sat down in the chair at an Aveda Salon. In that moment I noticed how exhausted was In the mirror, I saw the dark circles under my eyes. And then my new stylist (and new BFF) told me to breathe – a cue I give to my clients EVERYDAY. He gave me a scalp and neck massage; similar to an assist I give my students during savasana. I probably haven’t intentionally taken a deep breath or relaxed my jaw or shoulders in months.

Sorry not sorry if this is too hippie-dippie for you: Recently I put out and into the Universe that I needed a way sustain myself financially and physically, while Yoga on the Fly grows, without over exerting myself and keeping me in this never ending cyclical pattern.

The Universe responded in many ways, including an introduction to Arbonne by the first yoga teacher I met after relocating to Orlando. Life is full of surprises (moving to Orlando being one of them), and so much of my health and family life is out of my control. Working with Arbonne will allow me to unselfishly stay present and interact with other like-minded individuals. I’ll be spending more quality time with family and consciously designing my own self-care routine, WHILE representing a company that encourages people to do the same!

Not gonna lie, I was hesitant at first – I’ve been asked to pitch, promote, and advertise for so many bogus products. However after doing my research and listening to testimonials, I’m happy to consciously choose Arbonne’s nutritional and bath and body products because they are made with a pure, safe, beneficial philosophy – qualities I have not found in many other companies.

Drop me a line if you’ve experienced any of their line, or if you want come on this self-care journey with me! <3