Need a vacation from your vacation?

Many of us long to travel for work, rather than sitting in office cubicles 9-5. Many of us long to take off from work to go on vacation. Especially when our newsfeed is full of photos of dreamy places.

But do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? We might not realize the physical demands travel requires from our bodies, mostly because they aren’t documented on instagram. Photos don’t highlight compromised immune systems or the runs to and from airports and in between terminals. We most certainly don’t see the tiredness and jet lag and illness from exposure to germs.

We gaze at pictures of the amazing gourmet meals from people's travels, however we don’t see photos of airport and airline food. It’s safe to say these undocumented meals aren’t balanced or naturally colorful and are filled with salt and sugar.

I'm confident in saying travelers' diets suffer. This combined with increased alcohol consumption and decreased exercise are likely to lead to weight gain.

Don’t fret – there are ways to overcome all of the obstacles because you can:

  • Decrease stress, exhaustion, and the suppression of your immune system by dedicating extra time to check in and find a meditation or yoga room or a spa to relax before your flight
  • Walk as much as possible in the airport by skipping people movers, escalators, and elevators
  • Drink water. The mixture salty foods and decreased humidity in the airplanes can dehydrate you. It doesn’t matter if you have to use the bathroom during the flight – the walk to the elevator is increases circulation and exercise!
  • Pack healthy snacks so you’re not limited by airplane or airport food
  • Stand instead of sit while waiting to board the plane
  • Take off your shoes and wear loose closing on the airplane to keep swelling to a minimum and decrease the likelihood of blood clotting
  • Chew gum or yawn and swallow often to decrease likelihood of dizziness
  • Exercise in the hotel gym or your hotel room. Pick up a health and wellness magazine in the airport for ideas, or do pushups, dips, sit ups, squats. Grab your sneakers and go for a run in a safely lit neighborhood

I don't want you to think it is unhealthy to travel because travel can offer incredible experiences. Some of my most rewarding friendships, learning experiences, and spiritual awakenings have occurred out of this country. I reap the rewards of my travels everyday. I want to offer some of the lessons I've learned along the way.