Want to push restart on exercise? It’s time to look to your past.

Looking at your exercise history is important because you will remember what you like and what you don’t like

When you look back and only remember hating (a word I don't use lightly) exercise, ask yourself why.
Did it maybe make you uncomfortable?
Did people stare at you in the gym?
Did it physically hurt?

Or maybe you only have positive memories!
Do you see something in your old self that you want to see now?
Do you remember finding enjoyment from exercise but don’t know how to do that now?

At what time of day did you enjoy exercising?
For example, exercise before work might motivate you to get through your day! Or perhaps exercise after work will prepare you for a good night’s rest. Oftentimes people will take a break during their workday to go sweat outside, in a gym, or in a class to replace their afternoon caffeine kick.

Which did you enjoy more: exercising in a group more than exercising solo?
If you’re constantly surrounded by people, whether you’re in school, in an office, or at home with a child, it’s nice to have some alone time. What if you were to put on some headphones, the universal do not disturb sign? And if you’re busy during the day, sometimes you fall behind on your favorite tv shows or podcasts. Exercising can be the time to catch up!
If you find yourself lonely during the day, working from home or in a space that doesn’t require conversation, maybe you’d like a group class. You’ll have a social interaction whether you talk to other people or not! Being in a class surrounded by other people can motivate you to push yourself just a bit harder. And in a yoga class, you might find that your breath connects with others’ in the room. While these classes can give you piece of mind, connecting with others will also motivate you to work towards your own personal potential.

Last thing. Growing up, was there a sport that you truly loved?
Nowadays there are exercises that will mimic the exact sport you adored. Or maybe you could join a league and play for fun. There’s something to be said about nostalgia to increase your likelihood of getting out of the house. For me, it’s figure skating. There’s nothing like the smell of the ice to get me moving.

To move forwards towards our exercise goals, it’s really helpful to look backwards, whether it’s to something you loved or something you hated. History doesn’t always have to repeat itself. You will either learn what you can love now, or reignite a fire underneath you to get you moving.