Sticking to My New Year's Resolution with Thug Kitchen

Last February a friend gave me a cookbook, Thug Kitchen, as what I believe to be a half-joke, half-serious birthday gift. Last March I searched for and moved into an apartment with a large bathroom and small kitchen. This week (mid-January) I opened the cookbook and learned my way around my small kitchen for the first time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do often use my kitchen, but never to make meals by following recipes. Usually I’m in there making coffee, tea, smoothies or cutting fruits and vegetables. I went pro in college cooking well-balanced meals in the microwave.

I didn’t realize how unreliant I was on the stove or the oven until the gas was turned off to my building for about one month. The only thing I missed was boiling water. People kept asking how I was possibly surviving. During that month, I did get comfortable using a slow cooker that my mom gave me…years ago. However, life hadn’t changed that much because I’d gotten so crafty never cooking with a stove.

My time without a stove piqued my interest in cooking. I was tipped further over the edge after setting my new year’s resolution, to improve my self-nourishment techniques. As a person who spends her days helping others live healthier lives, it is important that I don't forget to do my own work. A week after setting my intention for the year, I cracked open the cookbook and chose to make lentil soup.

After a quick trip to Trader Joe’s, I was set. Because shokingly, I had all of the kitchen equipment I needed. I searched through cabinets and found a large soup pot, Martha Stewart utensils, a Vitamix, spices, vegetables, etc and fearlessly dove in.

What I learned:

  1. A vitamix is great for making soup. It’s not false advertising.
  2. Thug Kitchen helps make cooking less of a chore.
  3. It wouldn’t have mattered if I messed it up because I was and still am so proud of my tangible accomplishment, and knowing that I was actively taking steps to better care for myself. For the record though, I didn’t mess it up. The soup was delicious. And I enjoyed two meals from it.